You’ve probably, at some time, seen a great recipe, looked through the ingredients and then said “Well, where on earth do I get that?” This is why I started the business in the first place.

My name is Eric McLean and I started McLean’s Specialty Foods. As the name implies, we stock “specialty foods”, that is, foods which are not easily found in conventional food stores. If you like to read Gourmet, Fine Cooking, Canadian Living, or any other food publication, you will enjoy McLean’s Specialty Foods.

The very first (and only) flyer I produced borrowed strongly from a fellow Scot, Alexander McGibbon, who in 1880 took out a small ad in the Montreal Gazette as follows:

“I wish it to be distinctly understood that I keep only first class goods, and therefore, people who want bogus brands, or mixed and adulterated teas and coffees, or inferior goods of any kind, must go elsewhere for them.”

That, in my opinion, is what you call a real mission statement.

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